Škoda Fabia 2010: Hands-Free Phone and Bluetooth Audio

There appears to be a simple way of having a limited hands-free telephone and Bluetooth audio appliance bridged to the auxiliary audio input of the standard ‘Swing’ car radio of Škoda Fabia 2010 (5J)

In this case my priority was doing and paying as less as possible in exchange for being able to answer incoming calls, hear the calling party and play audio from a mobile phone over a Bluetooth link using the standard-issue stereo system.

After a superficial search, I have chosen the Besign's BK01 Bluetooth kit.

Given quite an unfortunate, I must say, location of the AUX socket, the absence of USB connectors in that car, and short cables of BK01 (120 cm to the USB connector and 185 cm to the 3 mm stereo connector) the following is the best way of tools-free installation that I was able to come up with.

The AUX and USB connection (note the armrest is up).

The cable is tucked behind the trimming of the armbrake and the grearbox.

The magnetic holder is glued left of the door locking switch.


  1. 24 USD
  2. The installation takes less than a minute.
  3. There is no charging required.
  4. Sound quality when streaming from a mobile device is barely distinguishable from CD audio.
  5. Call quality is completely acceptable (there are no superlatives here because it is always ‘so-so’ to my ear, even with built-in advanced infotainment systems from leading manufacturers).
  6. No pairing issues with an Android and an iPhone devices.
Overall, the Bluetooth device ‘just works’ without much baby-sitting, I like it.


  1. The cables of BK01 should be longer, I would have them routed differently.
  2. The magnet of the holder should be stronger: the button unit never falls off the holder but it rotates in place under the weight of the cable, slowly coming to the horizontal orientation. It is not much of a problem, since it can be solved by fixing the cable with a drop of a glue.
  3. The only way of dialing seems to be using voice commands of the mobile device. It would be nice to have a programmable function of the button unit with the option of speed dialing to preset numbers.

Vadim Penzin, September 3rd, 2018

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