Linux: Scaffolding For Out-of-Tree Loadable Modules

Whenever it comes to quick-and-dirty testing of what can (or cannot) be done in the Linux kernel, I find myself searching for the boilerplate of a loadable kernel module and the list of Debian packages that must be installed for an out-of-tree compilation. Finally, I am tired of that: here is the script that does everything for me.

The script, checks for the presence of required Debian packages and initiates installation of the missing ones with apt-get install and then creates a directory with a Makefile and a C source file for the module, ready for compilation.

The invocation is as simple as

sh the-name-of-the-module

There are two things to note:

  1. The coding convention of the generated source is different from the enforced agreed upon in the Linux kernel; you must reformat the source if you are going to show it to anyone otherwise you will seriously irritate other people;
  2. The C source file declares the module license as "Dual BSD/GPL" to avoid tainting the kernel; you may want to change it.

Vadim Penzin, September 21st, 2015

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